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Restaurant Talonpöytä Kuusamo – Ruka

Welcome to our cosy and welcoming Restaurant Talonpöytä!  The meals are always prepared in our own kitchen, from locally produced ingredients. Fresh foodstuffs and local expertise are highly valued in our restaurant.

Talonpöytä Kuusamo
Our dining room at Kirkkotie 23, Kuusamo town center, seats as many as 150 customers. On weekdays we serve a home-cooked buffet lunch with three main course options and evenings you can come to our Àla Carte Restaurant (Book a table). Our catering service will also deliver meals for the elderly and lunches to workplaces. Cabinets provide a great setting for meetings and events of different sizes.

Talonpöytä Ruka
We have two private restaurants in Ruka, where we offer meetings and parties for up to 150 people, as well as catering services for cottages

Talonpöytä Oulanka
From spring to autumn, we also operate in Oulanka National Park at Kiutakönkäs.

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Talonpöytä Kuusamo