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Talonpöytä Oulanka Talonpöytä Oulanka
Talonpöytä Oulanka
Kiutaköngäs rapid Kiutaköngäs rapid
Kiutaköngäs rapid
Sweet and salty Sweet and salty
Sweet and salty
Our popular reindeer burger Our popular reindeer burger
Our popular reindeer burger
From spring till fall From spring till fall
Open from spring till fall
Lunch Mon-Sun Lunch Mon-Sun
Lunch Mon-Sun

Restaurant Talonpöytä Oulanka

Open every day 10.00 – 18.00 

Kindly notice that we take last orders by 17.30.

Hearty home cooking
at Oulanka canyon

Welcome to Restaurant Talonpöytä Oulanka. We are located at Oulanka Visitor Centre, in the vicinity of the rolling waters of Kiutaköngäs rapid. In addition to daily home cooked lunch, our restaurant serves tasty meals and snacks made from locally produced ingredients.
The Oulanka restaurant is open from week 8 until late in the autumn.

The immensely popular Talonpöytä reindeer burgers, pitta breads and other local delicacies are also available at Oulanka. Whether you are alone or with friends, come and have a nice cup of coffee and a snack in the peaceful atmosphere of our wilderness-themed restaurant.

Our selection offers lots to choose from, all prepared in our kitchen using fresh and locally grown ingredients. We also sell refreshments, ice cream, sweets, souvenirs made by local partners, and postcards and stamps. Hikers can order packed lunches from us, and picnic food and supplies are available at the restaurant.

The restaurant is licenced to sell alcohol.

Soup lunch 11.00 – 15.00
Burgers and other local food daily until 15.30.


We at Restaurant Talonpöytä follow a careful hygiene routine and comply with the rules and regulations set by authorities.