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    Beautiful cakes
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Café – Confectionery

Open mon – sat from 9am with extensive opening hours

Tasty experiences for all events, big and small!

Our café serves genuinely tasty, top-quality bakery products prepared by our own confectioners.

Order from us the savoury and sweet delicacies to your party, or come to our café and have something nice to eat with a cup of coffee. Our selection comprises traditional creamy layer cakes, cheesecakes, sandwich cakes, tailored cakes made to order, and much more. 

Whatever your event, the baked goods of Talonpöytä confectioners will not leave you cold. We will tailor you a set of catering, exactly as you want it to be.


For more information, please call
0400 263 272, or send us e-mail info@talonpoyta.fi 

Delicious taste combinations and beautiful presentation in mind, we want to serve you a lovely taste experience.

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