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Wine List

Our wine recommendations have been drawn out by a wine expert together with our staff; it is not an absolute truth.
The final taste depends on the person who drinks the wine.

Enjoy these lovely wines with our tasty dishes or sweet desserts!


Sparkling Wine/Champagne

  • Villa Loren Prosecco Extra Dry
    (Progetti Agricoli)
    7,50€/12cl, 36€/bottle

    Grape: Glera
    Country: Italy
    The flavour is pure and fruity with apple and pear flavours.  
    We recommend this wine when socialising, or served with Rainbow trout soup or with Escargots in a pan.

  • Charles Roux Blanc de Blancs Brut Piccolo

    Grapes: Airén, Colombard, Ugni Blanc
    Country: France.
    This wine is dryish, fruity, pure and balanced. 
    We recommend as an appetizer or with salads and white-flesh fish. 

  • André Clouet Brut Grande Réserve
    (Champagne André Clouet)

    Grape: Pinot Noir
    Country: France 
    The flavour of this wine is dry, full-bodied, very multi-dimensional and long.
    We recommend this wine for celebration! Have this wine with Fish catch of the day or with Roast lamb.

White Wine

  • Kalfu Molu Sauvignon Blanc (Vinã Ventisquero)
    7,70€/12cl, 37€/bottle

    Grape: Sauvignon Blanc
    Country: Chile
    The flavour is dry with plenty of acids, but pleasant and in excellent balance with fruit.
    We recommend this wine with Kuusamo rainbow trout soup, Escargots in a pan, Fish catch of the day or with Chicken breast fillet.

  • Julien Schaal Riesling Nature (Julien Schaal)
    8,70€/12cl, 44€/bottle

    Grape: Riesling
    Country: France
    The flavour is dryish, very fruity, fresh and pure.
    We recommend this wine with Caesar salad or with Fried vendace.

  • Château de Montfaucon Comtesse Madeleine Blanc
    (Château de Montfaucon)

    Grape: 10% Bourboulenc, 10% Clairette, 10% Picpoul, 30% Marsanne, 40% Viognier
    Country: France 
    The flavour is dry, fruity, fresh, mildly oaky and long.
    We recommend this wine with Fish catch of the day, Cheese maker’s sample plate or with salads.


  • Kloster Eberbach

    Grape: Pinot Noir
    Country: Germany
    This wine has fruity acidity with hints
    of redcurrant and strawberry and a sustainable aftertaste. 
    We recommend this wine with Caesar salad with chicken, Reindeer herder’s fishing trip, Chicken breast fillet or with vegan dishes

Red Wine

  • Most Wanted Zinfandel (Most Wanted)
    7,80€/12cl, 38€/bottle

    Grape: Zinfandel
    Country: USA
    Full-bodied and medium-toned with warm and spicy cherry and raspberry flavours.
    Recommendation: with burgers, Forest mushroom soup, Smoked reindeer soup with forest mushrooms, Escargots in a pan, Traditional sautéed reindeer, Talonpöytä club sandwich or with vegan dishes.

  • Convento da Gloria Reserva Touriga Nacional
    (Caves da Montanha)
    8,50€/12cl, 44€/bottle

    Grape: Touriga Nacional
    Country: Portugal 
    The flavour is full-bodied, long and mouth-filling.
    Recommendation: with Beef tenderloin, Roast lamb. 

  • Camins del Priorat (Alvaro Palacios)

    Grape: 10% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Syrah, 20% Samsó, 40% Garnacha
    Country: Spain 
    The flavour is full-bodied, spicy, fruity, quite soft and silky.
    Recommendation: with Beef tenderloin, Roast lamb

Dessert Wines

  • Ainoa Kaste
    9.80€/12cl, 39€/bottle 

    Grapes: honey, lingonberry, meadowsweet
    Country: Finland
    Floral, bright and lightly sparkling berry wine. In addition to lingonberries and honey, the wine is flavoured with meadowsweet. 
    Recommendation: with confectionery products.


  • Most Wanted Piccolo Sauvignon Blanc

    Grape: Sauvignon Blanc
    Country: New Zealand
    Recommendation: with salads, white fish

  • Most Wanted Piccolo Malbec

    Grape: Malbec
    Country: South Africa
    Rich, fruity aroma with boysenberry, raspberry and roast coffee, and with medium-long and lingering aftertaste. Recommendation: with dark meats and burgers.